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How to Bypass Gamban

Many bettors from the UK have been searching for the best solution to end their self-exclusion period with Gamban. The answer to the question, “How to bypass Gamban?” is not as complex as it might seem at first. We have conducted detailed research on Gamban that enabled us to collect valuable information. After gathering these findings, we prepared this guide to share helpful tips about getting around this app.

If you are one of the punters who wish to learn how to remove Gamban, you are in the right place. This piece will explain how to avoid its restrictions, the benefits of uninstalling the app, and possible downsides. It also includes a list of highly rated and popular non-Gamban sports betting sites we’ve carefully assessed.

Gambling Sites Not on Gamban

How to Get Around Gamban?

If you are searching the web for an answer to that question, look no further. This section provides practical advice on how to get rid of Gamban with safety.

Wager on Non Gamban bookies

Even though Gamban blocks thousands of gambling sites, new ones are entering the scene almost daily. You can research non-UKGC sportsbooks or simply select one from our list above if you wish to bypass Gamban successfully and learn how to stop Gamstop.

Bet on another device

One of the issues on bypassing Gamban is that it doesn’t allow you to uninstall its software. If you believe you’ve successfully overcome gambling addiction or that you don’t have such issues, simply use a device without Gamban blocking software. This is the easiest way to re-access your favourite Gamban-free betting sites or sign up with new ones from our list.

Place your bets at betting shops

Another successful way of avoiding Gamban is to visit your local betting shop. Gamban is a software designed to prevent access to online gambling websites. It has no impact on land-based casinos or betting shops. So, even if you’ve signed up with it, you can still visit the closest bookie and place bets on your favourite sports and leagues.

Wait for the self-exclusion to be over

If none of the above works for you, simply wait for your ban to end. Once your cooling-off period is over, you can log into any UK-based or international sports betting sites not on Gamstop and start placing bets again.

What Will You Gain if You Uninstall Gamban?

If you’ve self-excluded with Gamban but managed to control your gambling habits, you might want to remove the software. Getting rid of the app allows you to join even non Gamstop betting sites. Here’s a list of some more advantages:

⚡ No restrictions

When you bypass the blocking software and select non-Gamban sports betting platforms, you get a relaxed gambling environment. Sportsbooks outside Gamban’s register allow you to play without UKGC restrictions, such as credit card use and long video calls for ID checks.

⚡ Under the radar betting

Sports betting sites not on Gamban usually don’t ask you to verify your age and go through a KYC procedure when you sign up. You can bet anonymously and protect your identity. This saves you time, allowing you to start betting right away. However, the KYC drill will still probably be required when you submit your first withdrawal request.

⚡ High stakes wagering

Another advantage of getting around Gamban and registering with no limit bookmakers is that they allow you to place higher bets. This is good news for high rollers and seasoned sports bettors who like to bet with higher stakes. Unlike sportsbooks licenced by the Gambling Commission that set various limits, non-Gamban online bookies offer more freedom.

⚡ Relaxed KYC procedure

UKGC-licensed bookmakers require new members to complete the KYC process during sign-up. Conversely, most gambling sites outside Gamban don’t ask for age verification and don’t perform identity checks when you register. Instead of submitting documents, taking selfies and waiting, you can immediately browse leagues & sports events and create your bet slips at no verification betting sites.

⚡ Credit card & crypto transactions

Credit cards are not allowed at UK-based sportsbooks. On the other hand, many international betting sites that accept credit cards will let you fund your account with a credit card. The same applies to cryptocurrencies. Digital money is not officially forbidden in the UK, but you won’t find UK bookmakers accepting cryptos. However, you’ll easily find many crypto-friendly sportsbooks which Gamban doesn’t cover.

⚡ Higher Bonuses

You can benefit from more attractive bonuses when you register at non-Gamban sports betting sites, and the same applies, of course, if you opt for football betting sites not on Gamstop. However, gambling sites regulated by the UKGC are not as generous as non-UK bookies. You can look forward to more perks at international sportsbooks, including higher bonus amounts, rewarding deposit boosts, and attractive cashback deals.

What Will You Lose if You Remove Gamban?

Getting around Gamban and Gamstop, as well, allows you to sign up with your favourite sportsbook or casino not on Gamstop. However, alongside the benefits, there are also a few downsides if you remove this self-exclusion software. We hereby highlight the most common ones.

❌ The sense of trust in some bookies

Removing Gamban and signing up with a new online bookie can be risky as you can’t be sure if that site is legitimate or not. Rogue sports betting sites exist, and you must be aware of that to protect yourself. We advise you to read reviews and check if punters complain. Or, pick a sportsbook we’ve already reviewed and rated.

❌ Risk losing a significant part of your funds

Joining a sportsbook not in Gamban’s database may cause potential financial problems. If you use credit cards for gambling, this can harm your credit rating. Moreover, if you can’t control your gambling urges, you may spend more than you should on it. Sign up with international bookies only if you are confident you’re no longer addicted and you’ve mastered bankroll management.

❌ The feeling that you won’t get scammed

International sportsbooks may seem more fun, having more options, fewer restrictions and better bonuses. However, not all betting sites are trustworthy and honest. If you’re not careful, many suspicious sites are ready to rip you off. To avoid online betting scams, choose reputable gambling brands that are reviewed and properly tested, like the ones we list in this article.

What Are the Ways to Cancel Gamban on Every Device?

cancel-gambanGamban is a self-exclusion software created to block online gambling sites. Its service protects people prone to gambling addiction. You can install Gamban on all your devices, from PCs to smartphones and tablets. However, remember that you won’t be able to remove it once it’s enabled.

One of the ways to delete it from your PC & mobile devices and bypass Gamban is to opt for a 7-day free trial. When the free trial ends, Gamban will stop working. Consequently, you’ll again be able to access online sportsbooks on all your devices. Ensure not to add payment details when signing up to prevent Gamban from continuing the subscription after that trial period. You can also select a monthly subscription and, when that ends, start placing bets again.

How to Remove Gamban from Android?

remove-from-androidIf you want to remove Gamban from Android, we must disappoint you. The software or the app cannot be cancelled before the subscription period ends. You can test how Gamban works through a free trial. If you decide to try the software and the app for free, you won’t need to uninstall Gamban Android. The product will, at some point, simply expire, and you’ll again be able to visit online sportsbooks and use gambling apps. Moreover, you can purchase a monthly cool-off plan. But make sure to remove the payment method from the account before the exclusion expires to prevent the auto-renewal of the Gamban subscription.

How to Remove Gamban from iPhone?

remove-from-iphone Similarly to Android devices, you won’t be able to remove Gamban from your iPhone. The software is designed to prevent vulnerable people from accessing gambling sites. It would, therefore, lose its purpose if you could simply delete it. You can only remove the Gamban app from your iPhone if you choose the free trial.

Is it Safe to Bypass Gamban?

it-it-safe-cancel-gamstopAfter you’ve learned how to delete Gamban from all your devices, the logical question arises: “Is circumventing Gamban safe? Yes, it is safe to cancel Gamban as long as you have your gambling addiction under control. However, it would be best not to have any problems with your sports betting activity. We, therefore, advise you not to cancel your cool-off period if you haven’t really beaten your addiction simply because you might be tempted to start gambling again.

Visiting and joining reputable international sports betting sites, like those we’ve rated and listed in this article, is safe. Even if you have self-excluded from UK bookies, you can still enjoy betting on matches at many sportsbooks registered outside Great Britain. Selecting offshore bookies is a good solution if you’ve registered with Gamban by mistake and you don’t have any sort of harmful gambling habits.

How to disable Gamban successfully?

The most efficient way of disabling the Gamban software and app is to wait for the exclusion period to end. Another solution is to purchase a monthly plan and cancel the subscription just before it ends.

How to uninstall Gamban with ease?

You can easily uninstall Gamban when your exclusion period ends. Before that, you won’t be able to remove the software or the app since the service doesn’t allow you to do so.

How can I safely delete Gamban?

If you’re wondering how to get around Gamban, one of the safe solutions would be choosing online bookies that aren’t compatible with it. But if you’re asking “how to uninstall Gamban?”, deleting it before the self-exclusion period ends is not allowed.