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About Us

Explore our fantastic team of individuals comprising the core Nongamstopsitesuk.bet crew below. Each of us holds a different skill set, so we can cover different topics effectively from multiple angles.

Our Mission: Providing Legit Non-Gamstop Betting Sites for UK Punters 

Our mission is to provide exclusively precise information about trustworthy bookmakers and casinos. Let’s expand on that.

What drives us?

Recognizing that many UK residents are seeking reliable options beyond the ones approved by the Gambling Commission and Gamstop. Our mission is to spotlight websites offering robust gambling products and fair procedures.

Who's involved?

Our content creators and researchers, that may come from inside or outside the gambling industry, actively seek new offshore gambling sites catering to UK bettors. Rigorous testing, communication with the companies, and ongoing reviews ensure the inclusion of reputable brands on our site.

What Guides Our Reviewing Process? 

Let's delve into the steps before a review goes live. While each brand is unique, certain standardized procedures are followed.

How we review a new site step-by-step 

Starting with a comprehensive examination of the general terms & conditions, we scrutinize for any obscure terms or unfair fine print. We apply the same scrutiny to the t&c’s of active promotions, privacy policy, AML procedures and terms of service.

Once the more ‘administrative’ checks are completed, it’s time to deposit. We create an account, test the various deposit methods, and engage in diverse forms of sports & casino gameplay.

We evaluate website functionality, responsiveness, betting features, and market uptime for in-play options.

Tests are conducted across both desktop and mobile versions to ensure a seamless user experience. Additionally, we assess customer support responsiveness and knowledge.

Last but certainly not least comes the withdrawal process. We try withdrawing with as many methods as possible to test the time needed and if extra KYC is required.

What About Scam Sites?

Serious infractions like outright non-payment of winnings, abusive or misleading terms, wrong settlement of betslips without correction and non-justified cancellation of bonuses are carefully taken into account.

In case of any such issues, we attempt resolution through customer support channels. If these discrepancies persist with no clear justification, we designate the site as a scam and discontinue any association with it.

Addressing Reader Mistreatment 

Reader mistreatment is one of the most serious concerns for us. We want our recommendations to provide only top-notch services to our readers. However, such conflicts are usually complicated cases.

To effectively resolve them, we investigate issues by seeking explanations from both parties. If the site is found to be at fault without any compensation to our reader, we remove it from our lists and mark it as a scam.

How Frequently Do We Update Sites and Rankings?

After an initial review, we conduct a full test at least every 35 days, updating rankings accordingly. If we encounter changes or new features earlier, updates are made promptly.

This is why user feedback is encouraged. It helps us detect any mistakes or discover new information as soon as possible.

Our Dedication to the Perfect User Betting Experience

As passionate players, we are dedicated to delivering quality and unbiased content for all UK users. While we try to be fair to all brands, our reviews are driven solely by objectivity.

However, being outside Gamstop and UKGC safety, responsibility is paramount. Set bankroll limits, and don’t be afraid to contact customer service for timeouts when needed.

And don’t forget, we are happy when you share your feedback with us, either positive or negative, helping us provide only top-tier gambling content.